Lifelike Inflatable Animals

We have done research to make sure that we bring the most realistic animals and that you have ever seen, while still being durable and rugged. We have made huge investments in time and research to bring our animals and dinosaurs as close to 1:1 scale that we can without sacrificing the ability to be used indoors.

The construction to our lifelike animal line is unique to the inflatable market, because of the leg design and seams. All of our Lifelike Animals have, in addition to much thicker materials, a reinforced seam line that is welded flat. The legs do not stick out like a traditional inflatable. This seamless looking construction makes the product seem like it the real thing rather than an inflatable.

All of our Lifelike animals and feature our 4 color printing process which makes the fur of the animals and scales of the dinosaurs look vibrant, colorful, by all means MUCH MORE REALISTIC!!

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Jetsonic Inc.
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Lifelike Animals









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